Welcome, thanks for checking in.

This is my first attempt at blogging, diary keeping, journal writing – whatever the kids are calling it these days.  It’ll probably start out meh and get somewhat better as the days go by – hopefully!

The name of the blog, “5K for YMM” simply means, “A 5000 mile roundtrip journey (actually a bit longer) for the folks of Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada.”  YMM by-the-way is the airport code for Ft McMurray.  As you’ve probably read or heard, wildfires broke out in the Ft McMurray area the beginning of May and have destroyed many, many homes and places of work.  Estimates range from 80,000 – 100,000 people have been forced to evacuate the area.  Both the Provincial Government of Alberta and the Federal Government have said the people will shortly be allowed back – in stages – to their homes or in quite a few cases what is left of them. But in the meantime, evacuees are scattered all over.

It appears I’ll be setting up shop initially in Edmonton, Alberta helping out at a food/clothing distribution center run by a local charity – the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society.  As needs change, so too may my venue.

So I’ll be updating this effort as time allows.  I’m looking forward to getting to Edmonton to begin helping but I’m also looking forward to the journey.  I’ll see some states and provinces I haven’t seen yet which is very cool.

If you’d like to help out, I have two ways for you to donate money so supplies for these Albertans can be purchased.  We have:

Instead of picking one, why not spread your gift out between the two?

I leave 6:00AM tomorrow – May 22 – and haven’t packed so that must happen NOW!  Tomorrow is also the 34th Wedding Anniversary of Debbie and myself. We’ll celebrate tonight!  Thank you Debs for kicking me out of the crib!!! ILYSBT!

See y’all down the road.


10 thoughts on “Welcome, thanks for checking in.

  1. Jim,
    Good luck and safe travels. I will be watching for your updates. Are you doing anything radio related or just general volunteering?



    1. Thank you Maureen. What’s that quote? Sir Isaac Newton said it maybe, “I stand on the shoulders of giants”? Regardless of who said it, that’s how I feel. Just happy to play my part.


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