On the road…

As my Dad would say we “put her into the wind” at 6:31AM. To say I’m schpilkes would be an understatement!  Stopped at a McDonalds for a coffee and a pee. Circle of life, coffee -pee, pee-coffee!

First song on the iPhone as I got underway, “When The Music’s Over” by the Doors. “…the scream of the butterfly…”, really Mister Mojo Risin? Engaging in a bit of hyperbole are we?

Next song, Sloop John B. Ahhhh, nice song to take us out of port.

Rolling along with my thoughts and tunes when I see a billboard proclaiming that an ember from a wildfire can travel over a mile. Sort of slapped me back into reality as to why I was heading to The Great White North you hosers!

Back on the road, more dispatches to come. Please read my first post and seek out the links to donate to the Canadian Red Cross and the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society – thank you!


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