Pulled into Nazareth, was feelin’…

Actually pulled into Lafayette, IN which is in Tippecanoe County. This is important because Tippecanoe County is in the Eastern Time Zone.  Out of 92 counties in Indiana, 12 (6 around Chicago/Gary and 6 around Evansville) are in the Central Time Zone. Subject to change of course.

Lafayette is about 120 miles from Chicago and it is right next to West Lafayette – home to the Purdue Boilermakers…go Big 10! I was supposed to stop in Indianapolis and have a drink with an old IBM buddy Mark Patton, but I was making great time and wanted to press onto Chicago with the goal of making it past Chicago. Catch him on the return trip. Well I reckon I’ll have to deal with Chicago’s rush hour hoopla tomorrow morning.

While going through West Virginia on Interstate 77 (WV Turnpike) I was settled into my routine and could contemplate the really important things in life. Things such as how many angels really could fit on the head of a pin? (answer? None. None would be stupid enough to try fitting onto the head of a pin like frat boys of old stuffing themselves into a phone booth), how many grains of sand are there in the world? (answer? Too many to count as sand is constantly being made as larger grains break down, etc). And what is the lateral load on my tires going 75mph on I-77 in WV? Ever done that stretch of road? Zig-zagging around turns at 70+MPH! Yea, think of that as you bust a sidewall and go screaming into the Kanawha River!

I was on a bridge named in honor of Booker T Washington (not a native son but lives there after the Civil War as a young lad). I was on another bridge named after a native son, General Chuck Yeager. Driving thru WV reminded me of my time spent there many years ago, most of it good, some not so good but all-in-all a learning experience.

The parts of Ohio and Indiana I traveled today reminded me of eastern NC and southern NJ – flat as a pancake and by extension, a little boring.  I did pass through Dayton, OH. Just so happens that this past weekend at the Hara Arena was the Dayton Hamvention – a collection of Ham Radio Operators from all over the world perusing booths of equipment from all the manufacturers. No Debbie McGrath, they didn’t elect me King Nerd. I now hold the title Dauphin King Nerd…like a nerd in waiting. I did manage to speak with a few of my subjects to be and a good time was had by all.  I had been in Dayton twice before. Changed planes there for a flight to Ft Wayne (Piedmont Airlines- the best!). Get to the museum of the Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB to see a  XB-70 Valkyrie. Impressive airframe. And was there many moons ago when I worked for Met Life. That trip was also the first time at a gay bar. Yep! A bunch of us went out one night looking for a gin mill and found this club/bar which had lots of cars in the lot. We went in bellied up to the bar and as we’re waiting one of the guys says, “Guys, there ain’t no chicks here, I mean zero!” We look around and busted out laughing. We had a beer then we’re on our way.

Driving through Indiana I did smell something kind of neat. A farmer along the Interstate had disced his field. The smell of the churned over dirt was a huge olfactory hit. Almost like it was ancient dirt hitting oxygen for the first time.

The plan for tomorrow was to hit Fargo, ND. I want to see if I can hit Saskatchewan instead. Maybe make this a three day trip. I do have assignments for the first couple of days in Edmonton starting Wednesday afternoon. I requested positions dealing with the evacuees directly but will work wherever the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society wants me. Stay tuned! Oh, I have a tent and sleeping bag as I plan on camping in the Edmonton area. This should be a scream as my camping thus far has been limited to sleeping in a tent in the backyard of our home in Mt Laurel, NJ growing up. That’s it! I’ll have someone take pictures of me setting up the tent; that should be interesting.

One last thought. I have roughly 5000 tunes on my iPhone. I gave it a workout today – set it to random and away we went. I learnt a few things:

  1. Even the Stones, Beatles, Who, etc had shitty songs.
  2. Unheard gems exist in my own collection. “Dandy” by The Kinks was first heard by me today . Loved it!
  3. The iTunes deities do not like the Sex Pistols or The Ramones at all. Not one from either band was heard today and I have quite a few of their songs.

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