Fargo? Indeed.

Rolled into Fargo, North Dakota about 7:30PM CDT. Much much later than I was supposed to be. Chalk it up to 

  • Chicago rush hour and construction
  • Milwaukee – construction
  • Around Madison – construction
  • Minneapolis/St Paul – construction
  • Torrential rain in spots. Of course the rain comes when your moving at 75MPH, not when you’re stuck in traffic going 2MPH

Passed through or around a few things today which were interesting.

  • Great Lakes Naval Station where my Dad had IC school I believe it was
  • Kenosha, WI – I believe this is where the American Motors Corp had it’s HQ or at least a plant
  • Chippewa Falls, WI – home of “The Pride of Chippewa Falls”… Leinenkugel Brewery
  • Passed a billboard for an “Adult Entertainment Establishment” names Chubby’s. I’ll leave that one there hanging (so to speak)
  • Passed through the Wisconsin Dells. It’s a very popular spot for folks in the Badger State. Vacations and long weekends are spent there. It’s like The Catskills but for Lutherans

Deb tells be it was cool in Raleigh today. In my travels it was 85F in parts of Wisconsin!

Oh yeah, at 2:55PM CDT I hit the halfway point in my journey to Alberta, Canada. Not timewise but distancewise – 1,250 miles. I plan on leaving Fargo no later than 6:30AM tomorrow and looking to get  just west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This should give me a nice 3-4 hour sprint to Edmonton Wednesday morning.

And speaking of Canada, please keep the good folks of Fort McMurray (YMM) in your thoughts and prayers. Please go to my first post for links to worthwhile charities helping folks and give generously. Thank you!

With any luck, I should be crossing into Saskatchewan Canada via the town of North Portal by noon Tuesday. Looking forward to it. Good night all. I have two tasks left tonight. Finish this beer then check to see what time zone Edmonton, Alberta is in.


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