Carrington, ND

Stopped at the Arrowhead Prairie Co-op for a pee and a coffee – 2nd coffee of the day. What a great ride so far today. To be able to legally able to go 75mph on the interstate is wonderful. Got off it though and am on US 52 – yep the same one which winds from SC, up through Mt Airy, NC- yea that one.  Almost didn’t want to stop as there is this convoy of what appear to be the vertical poles of wind turbines at least 20 miles long snaking their way through the state. But needed to stop and will be back in the thick of the convoy. 

Heard Mrs Johnny McEnroe this morning, “Good Bye to You” you know the one who did the Frank’s commercial Philly peeps, before she hit it big with Scandal. Yep Patty Smyth! šŸ˜šŸ˜‰

Ready to continue north. Last thing, saw a Sherrif and a Carrington Police Officer…pickup trucks as the official vehicle. Very ND, very West!


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