Long Day…

The driving was easy today, just lots of it. I had to make up time because I got “Dougged” by Immigration Canada but more on that later.

Saw 5 of these today:

Wager to guess what it is? How about a Minuteman III silo/launch site? If one of these launched, you’d have about 15-30 minutes to live which is the time it takes  Russian missiles to reach you (depending on sub or land based) in a retaliatory strike. It was very cool yet chilling to see these in my travels. The ones in ND are all part of a Missile Wing at Minot AFB. 

These are also at Minot:

The “BUF”, but none were airborne when I went around the base. I did see a B-52 up close once, actually touched it. Had to chuckle at the “Training Wheels” near each wingtip.

Saw quite a few of these in ND, but lost count as to how many in Saskatchewan- thousands!

Silently pumping away. Speaking of Saskatchewan, where I crossed the border at North Portal – Westmoreland Coal has a huge coal mining operation – strip mine…you could tell because of the huge dragline equipment. Only I didn’t see piles of black and couldn’t understand. Well turns out they mine “lignite coal” also called brown coal. Not a much higher heat content than peat but it burns in the nearby plants.

We call them “Canada Geese”. I must find out what Canadians call them. Probably just geese!

Ah yes, getting back to the border story. To make a long-story short, I was questioned by 3 different people and my car and belongings were searched. I lost over an hour at the border. After I was allowed into the Canada, it finally hit me 2o miles up the road what happened. The first guy asked me repeated questions about guns and gun parts (magazines, barrels, receivers, etc). As did guy #2. Guy #3 zeroed in on why I was there in the first place. While he questioned my, guy #2 was searching my car. Well, I think what raised their suspicions were two decals I have on the back window of he car – an NRA decal and a decal with 5.56 inside of an oval. 5.56 being the size of the round which is fired from an M4/AR15 rifle. 

Well they were Canadian which means they were polite! As far as the reference to being “Dougged”, well a few years ago me and my brothers-in-law were in Detroit for a little baseball and we decided to cross the Detroit River to get to Windsor Ontario, Canada. Brother-in-law Doug was missing for 30 minutes. He was given the royal treatment by Immigration Canada because, well it was the bottom of the hour and it was time for the next official up to go “crazy Ivan” on the next person in the door and that person was Doug! I feel (belatedly) your pain bro!

Almost got poutine at dinner but decided to wait until I was good and hungry!

I’m in Saskatoon for the night and push onto Edmonton, Alberta tomorrow morning. First volunteering shift is tomorrow at 2:30 – 5:00PM. After that I’ll inquire at a nearby campground and hopefully get a spot to pitch a tent  for the next week. (Grow up Dominic, I know you’re snickering!)

73 – Jim


2 thoughts on “Long Day…

  1. The plural of Canada goose is Canada geese. Enuf said. Brought to you by someone born in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. You’re welcome.


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