Day 1 Edmonton in the books

Good morning all day two in Edmonton getting ready to go back to the Kingsway shopping center to volunteer once again for the Edmonton emergency relief services society. I’m trying something new today I picked up online a dictation program and I’m trying it out because it’s real pain in the ass to type these missives on a keyboard with your thumbs! 
Well yesterday’s shift went pretty well; helped a number of people. My job yesterday was as a “shopper” and as a shopper you go around with your clients and basically help them shop. The warehouse is divided into men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, toiletries, bedding, toilet paper and tissues, water, washcloths, towels, etc., the necessities of life. When finished shopping you help your clients check out. Check out is where they sign their Red Cross form and they’re in their way. You and then help them take their articles out to the car and then you do pick up the next family in line and do it again. Not sure what I’ll be doing today, but looking forward to it!
Some random things about Edmonton. I see where the NHL team got their name – huge oil refineries southeast of the city. Oh yeah, while east of the city yesterday while driving in, sign says “Edmonton 33 km” (20.5 miles) the prairie is so flat that there was Edmonton ahead of me, larger than life 20 miles away! Of course there is a Wayne Gretzky Dr here! 
I met some really nice people yesterday, both fellow volunteers and of course our “clients”, the ones chased out of Ft McMurray (Fort Mac as the locals call it). The volunteers are from mainly the area with some who came from other parts of Canada. We have college students, housewives, retirees, people just taking some time off work to help – your usual suspects! 
I’ll probably just work the morning shift today as I need to go find a campground for the next week. I do have a few leads. The one place Elk Island Park is a national park about 20 minutes east of the city but the traffic would be unbearable. The roads are all torn up between here and there and commuting would be akin to the project ongoing in Raleigh right now – the Fortify Project.
More to come, maybe some poutine today?
73 – Jim


2 thoughts on “Day 1 Edmonton in the books

  1. I imagine you are a comfort with both your kindness and humor. Many people don’t act on a nudge to do good or lend a hand. I’m thankful for the example you are setting. Good luck w the camping .


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