So, this got to me

Today was another day spent at the Fort Mac Distribution Center. Busy day as the number of volunteers has tapered off, but so did the number of evacuees through the door.

I came across what’s pictured in the toy section of the center. Yes, toys are quite important as you want the children to have things as normal as possible. Most folks had no time to pack such items for their kids. Well, some local Edmonton children (I believe)made these up for the Fort Mac evacuee children – a stuffed animal inside a plastic bad with a small note of hope. Sic transit Gloria mundi!

Marion, who I mentioned yesterday had me over to dinner with her friends Jo and John. A great meal with wonderful folks. A home-cooked meal was what the doctor ordered. Marion is named after John Wayne (her father wanted a son). Oh yeah, John Wayne’s real name was Marion Morrison.

73 – Jim


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