Extremely random thoughts 

I left Edmonton this morning around 8:00 or so. I made sure I stopped to get this photo. It’s “so long until we meet again Alberta”, not goodbye Edmonton.

It’s there, in the distance!

The first random thought isn’t a thought and not random. It comes from Kevin Conquergood himself a fine Canadian. This was his reaction to me mentioning I was about to pass through Regina:

“Awesome, gotta love Saskatchewan.. It’s so flat, you can watch your dog run away for 3 days!”

If that doesn’t capture the essence of flat, nothing will.

I hit a bird somewhere south of Regina, SK. Poor thing. I haven’t seen any buzzards or vultures like NC. Are there “garbage man” type cleanup animals in SK I wonder?

Speaking of animals, I met my first Alberta jackrabbit (or is it a hare) the other night. As The Donald would say, “They’re yuuuuge!”

“…you can watch your dog run away for three days.” Now that’s funny shit right there.

I’m spending the night in Estevan, SK, which is about 20 clicks from the Canada-US border. I highly recommend the Days Inn here. Reasonable rates, swanky room for what you paid for and clean, friendly folks working here. The town looks cute. The waitress at Blackbeard’s says it’s boring. But what young person doesn’t say that about their town?

So far I’m heading home the way I came but that changes tomorrow when I hit Minot, ND I’ll jump off US 52 and onto US 2. I’m taking that across ND, Northern MN, and northern WI onto the UP of MI. My goal is to make it to Marquette, MI. Princeton, WV by EOD Friday which should leave me with a 4 hour sprint to home on Saturday morning.

Lastly, I passed through the city of Moose Jaw, SK. Birthplace of Art Linkletter…yes, that Art Linkletter. Also, Chico Resch who finished his playing career with The Broad Street Bullies – oh yeah!  When he retired, he was the last active player to have been born in the 1940s.

Remember, it isn’t a “dangerous intersection”, it’s an “Important Intersection”.

73 – Jim


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