Beat Me Senseless…

… Is of course the name of a song by The Circle Jerks. It came up in rotation on my iPhone somewhere east of Bemidji, MN. I hit replay about 8 or 9 times. I needed the “pick me up”. 

Just returned from The Bar, which is across from the parking lot of my hotel. Good beer, great BLT, Phillies on TV and lively conversation with a few of the bartenders. The one bartender is from Ashwaubenon, WI. Where’s that you ask? Only where the Shrine of NFL Football is located. Lambeau Field is not in Green Bay. It is in Ashwaubenon, this I found out when I visited Lambeau Field in 2013. We chatted about Packers football, Krolls bar across from Lambeau, etc. Oh, and the Sillies were beating the Brewers – a good night now bed time.

It’s currently 8:30PM CDT and I’m ready for some sleep. I got off the road at 2:45PM today and checked into a hotel in Rothschild, MN. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and was nodding off while driving. It’s been a wonderful two weeks but it has also been draining. Draining in the physical sense with the 12+ hour days driving to Edmonton and 2 + days driving home so far. The days volunteering at the Ft Mac distribution center were draining as well but in an emotional way. Speaking of Ft McMurray, folks are starting to return home. Even those who return home to a house and job will have emotional scars. Some will be scarred for a long time. Your prayers will be needed for them. Your monetary donations could be used as well. Just go to the very first blog post I made and there are some links for your donations.

So, I’m way behind schedule getting home. I still have 16 hours to go. I slept from 3:00 – 5:30PM this afternoon and am heading back. Figure I’ll get up at 4:30AM, shower, shove off, grab a mondo cup o’Joe and be on my way. I hear there will be a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce and some capellini waiting for me😍! It seems the more I drive the farther away home gets.

But, I have seen some beautiful things this trip home. Birch trees, lots of birch trees. Romantic walk on the beach? Yes, I like that. But I just keep thinking how beautiful a walk thru a birch forest after a new snow would be!

Things seen today, some for the first time:

  • Lake Superior
  • A lighthouse marking the harbor in Ashland, on Lake Superior
  • Knowing I crossed from MN to WI because I saw county road signs which use letters for county road names. I missed the Welcome to WI sign crossing from Duluth to Superior
  • A fireworks store with the name, “Three Finger Fireworks”. Awesome!
  • And, a Wolverine. In the wild. Ran across the road in front of me. I was highly impressed. All I could think about was Red Dawn (no, not the stupid remake).

OK, bedtime for Bonzo.

73 – Jim


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